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N900AR Series

Abrasion resistant, non-stick silicone rubber

Features of N900AR

Conventional non-sticking silicone rubber has been widely appreciated in the industries such as adhesive tape processing and lamination but because of its weak abrasion resistance that silicone rubber always has, there had been complains regarding the lifetime of the roller. N900AR has made the abrasion volume half of the conventional silicone which enables longer life.

* Hardness : 60, 70, 80 (Shore A)
* Color : White

Physical properties(Compared to our conventional non-stick silicone)



Rubber hardness Shore-A



Abrasion resistanceCC/1000 times



1) Above values are representative values, not standard values.
2) Abrasion resistance: In accordance with JIS-K-6264
The smaller the value is, the better abrasion resistance it has.

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