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Tough Cell

Hard and High-friction rubber roller

Features of Tough Cell

  1. Having high-frictional properties with the cells on the rubber surface, Tough Cell offers excellent feeding performance for a long period. It also prevents scratches on the workpiece that are often caused by slipping.
  2. Excellent abrasion resistance.
  3. Excellent oil resistance.

*Application: Feed roller for Steel plate
*Rubber hardness : 75 Shore-A
*Color: White, Black



Tough Cell

Katsura’s general NBR
Black 280

Physical properties Rubber hardness (Shore-A)



Frictional coefficient



Abrasion resistance CC/1000 times 0.02 0.02
Tensile strength Kg/cm2 112 256
Load resistance Temperature 100 Deg. Celsius Roller rotation speed 200rpm 40 Kg/cm -
Roller rotation speed 100rpm 50 Kg/cm -
Japanese Food Hygiene Test Heath & Welfare Minister declaration No. 85 Applicable -

Above data is a representative data, not standard data.
Abrasion resistance: The smaller the number is, the higher the abrasion resistance it has.
Load resistance: The bigger the number is, the higher the load resistance it has.

About rubber roller design

Please ask our sales staff for the suitable rubber thickness, shaft design and so on.

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