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High functional CFRP Roller

More than 10,000 pieces of KATSURA’s High functional CFRP rollers, which we have accumulated the know-how as a roller manufacturer, are used in various application in every field. We succeeded in developing High rigidity, Ultra lightweight and Low inertia force roller by using Pitch based high-functional carbon fiber materials.


(1) High Rigidity

Deflection of the roller can be less than that of an Iron roller. In comparison of E=Young’s modulus (Longitudinal Elastic Modulus), Iron is E=21,000kgf/mm2, Aluminum is E=7,200kgf/mm2 and CFRP is E=8,000 – 28,000kgf/mm2.

(2) Ultra lightweight

The Specific Gravity of iron is 7.8, Aluminum is 2.7, CFRP is 1.56 – 1.75. The Specific Gravity of CFRP is about 1/4 of that of Iron and about half of that of Aluminum.

(3) Super low inertia force

Drastically improves the controllability such as start and stop which reduces burden of the machine, rollers and the final product.

With the above 3 features, following advantages can be achieved

(1) High speed operation

Two features of Ultra-lightweight and High rigidity enable higher critical speed. The speed can be double compared to iron and 1.5 times compared to Aluminum.

(2) Roller diameter can be smaller

Deflection by self-weight can be 1/3 and the same by load can be 30% less compared to iron cores by selecting a high elasticity CFRP pipes.

(3) High accuracy

High rigidity enables improvement of processing accuracy. Also, run-out can be minimized when running high speed.

* Please ask for available sizes.

Comparison of roller deflection

Size :φ200×5000 W×5300 TL
Load :500kg equal distribution load

Comparison of roller deflection

※Weight and deflection are calculated and analyzed values.

Comparing Inertial Force of CFRP Roller (Video)


  • Field
    High-functional film, Optical film, Paper making, Textile, Printing, Office automated equipment
  • Application
    Guide roller, Lamination roller, Dancer roller, Tension roller, Rider roller,
    Impression roller, Pinch roller, Newspaper printing roller, Winding core and etc.
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