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Nonslip Silicone Tape

Nonslip Silicone Tape


KS Silicone Tape is based on PET and is coated with silicone rubber which has a high coefficient of friction. As its backside is made from adhesive, KS Silicone Tape can be used in many ways.


  1. Has very high friction resistance on its surface
  2. Good weather resistance
  3. Excellent water resistance and water repellent property
  4. Great thickness accuracy due to accurate coating
  5. Good electric insulation
  6. High translucency
  7. Can peel off without leaving any adhesive residue
  8. Non-stretch material ensures rigidity

Polyethylene film (Protection film) : 50um
Silicone rubber : 80um
PET film : 38um
Adhesive layer: 30um
Non stick peel

Friction Coefficient:

Dynamic friction: 2.45
Static friction: 4.47

*Measuring method:

Can be used in any situation to ensure no slippage.
e.g. tablecloth for table, rug for floor, guide rollers for carried products, delivery line

  1. Measuring device: Hayden frictional testing machine
  2. Contactant: Metal roller
  3. Speed: 300mm/min.
  4. Vertical load: 100g
  5. Temperature: 16 degrees centigrade
  6. Moisture: 53%

Product lineup

ItemSize (WxL)Minimum quantity
KS Silicone Tape 50mm x 20m 50mm x 20m 5 pcs / 1 Carton
KS Silicone Tape 100mm x 20m 100mm x 20m 5 pcs / 1 Carton

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