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The company philosophy

“The creation of new value.”


1. Let’s create a prosperous future full of overflowing youthfulness and unrivalled products.
1. Let’s improve intelligence and technology and adapt to the changes of tomorrow.
1. Let’s bring out the unlimited capability within us thru reliability and cultivation with each other.

Quality Policy

We contribute to the society by achieving clients’ satisfactory and trust with the quality improvement of the company.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy
Katsura Group is committed to environment-friendly businesses in development, design, manufacture,
and sales of human & environmentally-friendly products through the ever-changing needs of the clients.
Katsura group has established basic environmental policies for corporate operations, so as to contribute to the conservation and beneficial changes of earth environment.

Basic Environmental Policies

  1. Katsura Group will establish the environmental management system and make improvements continuously.
  2. Katsura Group will comply with the environmental laws & regulations and requirements from the stake holders.
  3. Katsura Group will prevent environmental contamination and reduce the risk of occupational health and safety.
  4. On setting and putting the environmental objective and goal in execution, Katsura Group will move ahead, to the extent permitted financially, the following;
    (1)Reduction of wastes and promotion on recycling
    (2)Prevention of water contamination (Control on water discharge).
    (3)Prevention of air pollution (Reduction of organic solvent)
  5. These environmental policies are announced internally and to the public.

The Management Policy for Safety and Health

Katsura Group will aim for establishing a safe, healthy and cheery workplace.

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