Inking Roller designed for NO MAINTENANCE

  • Excellent dimensional stability over time
  • Excellent hardness stability and glazing resistance
  • Excellent surface strength
  • Less heat buildup

1.Evaluation on a high speed sheet fed press

Operating time・・・・8 hours / day

Operating time・・・・8 hours / day

2.Nip-width change

(ink form roller / plate cylinder)

Operating time Conventional Rubber (30 shore A) Sigma King 30
Original Setting (4.0mm) (4.0mm)
3 months (2.7mm) (3.8mm)
6 months (1.4mm) (3.6mm)
12 months NO NIP (3.4mm)

The nip-width of Sigma King hardly changes even after 12 months.

* Hardness (Shore A): 20・25・30・35・40・50・60
* Color: Blue

How to maintenance

  1. Clean with aliphatic solvents such as kerosene or with a reliable cleaner.
    (Use with our [ROYAL CLEAN UV PLUS] or [NEW ROYAL CLEAN] series is highly recommended)
  2. Clean the rollers at least once a day.
    * Do not clean the rubber with polar solvents such as MEK or chlorinated solvents such as Trichloroethylene.
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