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Offset Pressroom Supplies

offset Printing with Continuous Dampening System

Plastic Ink knife

Nam of Product Description
MILD Ink knife made of special nylon resin

Ink wash-up blade

Name of Product Description
DOCTOR ACE Special Resin type Ink wash-up blade for UV and Oil-based inks
MIGHTY Rubber type Ink wash-up blade

Ink Repellent Film for Transfer Cylinder

Name of Product Description
ANTI-SMEAR FILM II Ink Repellent Film for Transfer Cylinder

Rubber Sucker

Name of Product Description
SUCKER Wide range of suckers for major presses including flat suckers

Cleaning Cloth

Name of Product Description
JET CLEAN N For Blanket
For Blanket

Spray Powder

Name of Product Description
DRY UP Vegetable Based Starches


Name of Product Description
I.L.K. Pocket Microscope Vertical Magnifier
LINEN TESTER Compact fold-out stand magnifier

Filter for Mixing Tank

Name of Product Description
OIL CATCHER Oil absorbent / filter

Inking Unit related products

Name of Product Description
IDLING GREASE Rubber roller protective agent
NEW ROYAL CLEAN Anti-glazing, cleaning paste for inking rubber rollers
INKLEAN / R&B Cleaning liquid for inking rollers and blankets
NEW UV CLEANER II Cleaning liquid for UV inking rollers
ROYAL CLEAN UV PLUS Anti-glazing, cleaning paste for inking rubber rollers (UV&Conventinal ink)

Ink Repellent Liquid

Name of Product Description
CLEAN-COAT Ink repellent liquid for Impression cylinder

Dampening Unit related products

Name of Product Description
NEW MATICLEAN ECO Cleaner and Conditioner for continuous dampening rollers
MATICHROME Cleaner and Conditioner for chrome dampening rollers

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Offset Printing with Molleton Dampening System

Dampening Roller Cover

Name of Product Description
NEW MOL High-functional dampening roller cover
NEW MOL LOOP High-functional dampening roller cover (Loop type)

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Roller Maintenance Supplies

Roller Wash for Cleaner Rollers

Name of Product Description
ECO Cleaner Roller Wash for Cleaner(Sticky) Rollers

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New Product
Basic knowledge of Rubber Rollers
KATSURA’s solution to static
Film winding roller

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